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Interventional Spine and Pain, P.A. was founded with the practice belief that the most effective method of  improving chronic pain conditions is through a multidisciplinary approach and non- surgical interventional procedures.  This is done while remaining cognizant of the fact that pain can affect an individual’s quality of life, functionally, emotionally, and socially.

Through conservative and interventional procedures, our treatment goal is to minimize dependence of opiods, improve quality of life, improve function, and improve pain coping skills so that the patient may better adapt to their daily activities and get back to their normal daily function.

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Best Doctors In Pain Management Dallas
Dr. Pablo Zeballos
is honored to have been chosen once again D-Magazine Best Doctors in Dallas for Pain Management 2015, 2014, and 2013. Click here to see Dr. Pablo Zeballos Best Doctor listing in D-Magazine


The Health 2013 issue of ON magazine features an article on the sources of back pain by Dr. Nathan Walters

Nathan S. Walters, M.D. A native of Dallas, Dr. Walters is a fellowship-trained pain management specialist on the medical staff at Texas Institute for Surgery. Click here to read the full article



Dr. Nathan Walters interview with Living Well magazine.

Why Does My Back Hurt?

By Nathan S. Walters, M.D., Texas Institute for Surgery, North Dallas LIVING WELL Magazine

Up to an astonishing 90% of people will experience back pain at some time in their lives.  According to the National Center for Health Statistics, over 14% of new visits to primary care physicians are for low back pain.  As we age, we endure both macrotraumas, repetitive microtraumas and undergo changes in body habitus that alter and redistribute biomechanical forces unevenly on the spine.  Much like your knee, the padding or cartilage (i.e., the disc) is mostly water-based and will progressively degenerate the longer we spend in gravity.  This degeneration of the spine has characteristic anatomic, biomechanical, radiologic, and clinical findings and is called  Degenerative Disc Disease.  Factors such as weight, genetics, trauma, environment can contribute to an earlier presentation of this disease, affecting people of all ages, with radiologic evidence of disc disease increasing with age to nearly 100% by age 60.

Click here to read full interview of Dr. Nathan Walters with Living Well magazine.


Interventional Spine and Pain, P.A.
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Dr. Zeballos receives Volunteer Faculty of the Year 2010-2011 from Methodist Charlton Medical Center Family Residency Program

Pain Mapping Interventional Spine & Pain of Dallas Texas

Interventional Spine and Pain continues to provide the most advanced diagnostic techniques and treatments of back pain through comprehensive physical examination along with spinal pain mapping procedures.  When physical examination or imaging studies fail to determine the etiology of pain, our Physicians will provide spinal pain mapping techniques through selective nerve root blocks, medial branch nerve blocks of the facet joints, sacroiliac joint injection, peripheral nerve blocks, provocative discography and sympathetic blocks in the diagnosis of low back pain of undetermined etiology.

Interventional Spine & Pain, PA of Dallas Receives Prestigious Patients' Choice Award

The Patients’ Choice Award is tabulated by MDx Medical, Inc.,  compiling feedback from over 720,000 active physicians. The award is voted on by patients across the U.S. who provide feedback online about their experienced with their doctors.

Congratulations Dr. Zeballos!

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Spine Videos

  • Epidural Steroid Injections - An Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI) is a simple, safe, and effective non-surgical treatment that involves the injection of a steroid medication similar to cortisone into the Epidural Space of the spine.
  • Lumbar/Cervical Radiofrequency Ablation - Radiofrequency lesioning is a procedure used to provide longer term pain relief than that provided by simple injections or nerve blocks.
  • Discography - A discogram, also known as disc stimulation, is a brief outpatient diagnostic procedure that is performed in order to identify painful discs in the spine.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials